Module two of my OU degree begins officially on Saturday 1st October with the study materials arriving a few weeks ago.  For a couple of weeks now I’ve been logging on to the  module website to familiarise myself with it because it’s a little different to the last module site.  It has been really good to … More Ready..Steady…GO!

That look

I find it quite funny to see the look on some cashiers faces when I ask, “Do you offer student discount?” The look isn’t instant, their eyes are usually focused on one of my sons or daughters who are with me. That look only appears when the NUS card being handed over is mine.  It’s a look they don’t think they’re … More That look

Losing the will

After making sure the family had been taxied, fed, nursed or all three, I finally had time to settle down to learn a bit more about how WordPress works.  Oh my!  I can see how I want the layout to look and where I want certain posts to go, but can I figure out how … More Losing the will

Do Few Things

If you want your dream to be Take your time, go slowly Do few things but do them well Heartfelt work grows purely Day by day, stone by stone Build your secret slowly Day by day, you’ll grow too You will know heaven’s glory If you want to live life free Take your time, go … More Do Few Things

What a Relief!

When it comes to certain things, usually important things such as my Uni assignments, I am aware that I have a tendency to procrastinate.  We all know what that means but I decided to look it up anyway and, although in its simplest definition – ‘put off doing something’ – I fit the bill, reading on … More What a Relief!