Never too late…

…to do the things you’ve always wanted to.

I have always enjoyed learning and gaining new skills whether it has been for work or pleasure, creative or constructive. I would have been in my element had I been able to stay on at school, taken A levels and gone on to university.


For various reasons that was not to be, so I left school at 16 and began an apprenticeship in hairdressing – not a career of choice, rather a vacancy in the salon where I had worked as  a Saturday girl for some extra pocket money.  I had to work, they offered me the vacancy so I took it.image  I wanted to be a police officer, though my hopes of this were dashed after visiting the local police station and talking it through with them. Why was this no longer an option? I was too short! Back in my day there were height restrictions and I lost out by about 4″, the only other way was to be an exceptional scholar and, as mentioned, this too was off the cards. Sigh…

Faimagest forward a few decades and a number of further education and vocational courses later and here I am, with our youngest son about to start secondary school, embarking on a BA (Honours) Degree through the Open University – woohoo!  I won’t lie, with life already being busy sometimes it’s hard going and I feel just like the cartoon image below, but mostly what I feel is simple enjoyment because just as the post title says…

…it’s never too late!  So, if you are still  longing to do something, go somewhere or meet somebody, anything is possible.  Let go of any doubts, laugh, grab life by the hands and love yourself enough to go for it – today!  🙂

Till next time.

Vanessa x


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