Losing the will

After making sure the family had been taxied, fed, nursed or all three, I finally had time to settle down to learn a bit more about how WordPress works.  Oh my!  I can see how I want the layout to look and where I want certain posts to go, but can I figure out how to get them there?  NO, is the short answer.  I really was starting to lose the will when “Voila!” A breakthrough.  At least I hope that’s what I find when I hit ‘publish’.

So what did I do?  It seems simple now – embarrassing really that it’s taken me the best part of the evening.  I have linked the Study page to a category and given the same category to this post.  If all goes according to plan this post should appear on the study page too. If it works I will have finally figured out how at least one feature on WordPress works.  Yay! 🙂

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