That look

I find it quite funny to see the look on some cashiers faces when I ask,

“Do you offer student discount?”

The look isn’t instant, their eyes are usually focused on one of my sons or daughters who are with me. That look only appears when the NUS card being handed over is mine.  It’s a look they don’t think they’re giving but you can see it in their eyes, it barely contains their surprise and is a bit like…


I felt self-conscious the first time it happened, enough that I stopped asking about student discounts for a little while.  But not now.  Today, just when I needed it, my spirits were lifted as a lovely woman serving me in the Co-op said,

“Good for you love.”

At the end of the day 10% off here is 10% to put to good use there, particularly with two growing teenagers in the family.  One of whom was with me by the way and yes, you’ve guessed it, managed to spend the 10% (and more) I’d saved on something she really needed.  Se la vie.

A simple joy was still experienced 🙂

3 thoughts on “That look

    1. I do enjoy the discounts, when I remember to use my card that is!
      I love Oxford Uni, I did a short course on Philosophy of Religion via their continuing education department a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. One of the reasons Philosophy is part of the degree I’m doing now. Pleased you decided to come back again Susie, thanks 🙂


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