study-booksModule two of my OU degree begins officially on Saturday 1st October with the study materials arriving a few weeks ago.  For a couple of weeks now I’ve been logging on to the  module website to familiarise myself with it because it’s a little different to the last module site.  It has been really good to meet some of my fellow students via the forums, recognising in myself some of the nerves and concerns about abilities to keep up and understand being expressed by others.  Deep down I’m quite sure we will all be okay, but it’s still nice to know you’re not on your own with these thoughts.

I am determined, as far as I possibly can (because ‘unforeseen circumstances’ always crop up) to at least keep up with the study planner schedule that has been set.  To give myself a fighting chance of that I have now completed all the preliminary reading:  Welcome to DE100, introduction to DE100, refresh your academic skills etc., etc.  Now down to the nitty-gritty of beginning on the actual course material, the first of which is ‘Investigating Intelligence’.  At this point I have to say I did have a chuckle when I unpacked my study materials because out of the three books I will be working from, ‘Investigating Intelligence’ is the thinnest.  I am not sure there is anything terribly deep or profoundly significant about this, or why I mention it, but it made me giggle anyway.

Part and parcel of this course will involve a number of reflective assignments so I intend to keep a learning journal.  So be warned, as time moves on my study posts are likely to either be jubilant shouts of joy at achieving more than expected or frustrated, self-critical whining at being too dim to have understood what was asked of me.  Whichever emotion I am going through I will be learning something and so ‘Educating Nessa’ is well and truly underway  🙂

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