The online classroom

I have just attended my second online tutorial, what a great way of being in the classroom without the traveling.  There was even a button equivalent to holding your hand up, brilliant! 😀

Although I would much rather meet and interact with people face to face, this new addition to my OU studies means I don’t miss out on anything. I was unable to make the first tutorial in Worcester last Saturday because I already had something booked, so this new option is really helpful.

The connection isn’t always 100% and I don’t know if that’s my laptop/internet connection or a general problem but overall it worked very well. I do wonder at the advertisements for this facetime type of communicating – they would all (Apple, Samsung, Microsoft etc) have you believe it’s crystal clear and real time, but there are still annoying delays, probably only splits seconds, where the visual doesn’t match the audio.  Rather like watching a foreign film with subtitles which has been badly dubbed, you know the sort I mean, where the a actors mouth is going ten to the dozen and the audible words have to chasing after it to catch up, hahaha! That sounds like a bit of a moan and it wasn’t meant to be because I’ve really benefitted from tonight’s session, so well done OU Live

For a granny I feel quite ‘with it’, right up with there with the younger generation of techies this evening – go me! 🙂cell-phone-1298944_640

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