Underground: The heavy-hearted version

Daily Promt: Underground

You may have guessed from the title there is another, light-hearted post which mentioned three things that came to mind when I read today’s prompt.  This post is about the third thing, or rather place, that also came to mind reading the word ‘underground’.

It can be found, or forced upon people in many different ways though in whatever form this underground  materialises its purpose is the same;  oppression. imprisonment, loss of freedom or worse!


My thoughts, and prayers are with those who are underground within their own selves because of mental illness: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and the like.

Those locked into a lonely inner darkness for fear of telling our judgemental world who they really are, so I pray for the LGBGT community who are often oppressed, ridiculed, outcast and treated like an alien species. Being aware of the one mention of this in the Bible, I listen more closely to the 600+ mentions of LOVE, and how Jesus reminds us that of all the commandments “the greatest of these is LOVE”.

I pray for the millions of Christians who are literally forced underground because of their faith in Jesus.  Those who are persecuted, denied by their families and in some parts of the world are still murdered, sometimes in horrific ways for their faith and I wonder at the strength of my own when I hear of these thing.  Will my faith be strong enough to stand firm in the power of Christ if I or my family were faced with imminent torture or death?  I feel ashamed to admit that I simply do not know!

I pray for the children, women and men who are forced into slavery; sexual, manual and every other form as they are bought and sold through an underground network of black marketeers.

the list of those who suffer underground is endless, and my heart breaks for them all.  So today, I pray, for them and for myself using the words of the tax collector,

God have mercy on me, a sinner.

And I pray for us all in some of the words of St Teresa, that Father God will forgive us for the part we play consciously, or unconsciously in oppressing, dismissing or sending underground of our vulnerable and needy brothers and sisters. May we learn how to LOVE everyone inclusively and unconditionally. Amen.

Ps. In an area with little or sometimes no connection so dear readers I will catch up with you and respond when I return on Monday. God bless you all for connecting 🤗


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