And then it was over…

All too soon it is time to start getting us all ready to go back to school and work, as well as it being time for me to knuckle back down to my studies.  Half term is over.

I am finding it a little harder than usual to motivate myself to action.  We (the family) haven’t done a lot this week yet I do not feel at all rested.  Of course,  it is entirely possible this is because we haven’t done much!  Don’t get me wrong,  I haven’t been a complete couch potato, just not as active either in or out of the house as I would normally be when I have time off work.  My mind had all sorts of things planned for this week; it was going to be a week to catch up on chores, studies, DIY, decluttering and so on and the cherry on the cake included trying to visit a couple of friends we haven’t seen for while.  I think the very thought of this ever increasing ‘to-do-list’ subconsciously overwhelmed me.


Do you ever feel like this?  More tired and weary when doing nothing, than when you’re flat out active and busy?

As I set off on the relatively short journey to the City of Guilt to confess my laziness, I was so pleased to bump into my dear friend Grateful, who reminded me of the lovely things that had taken place this week and told me to stop dwelling on those that had not.  Oh, I love my friend Grateful, He-She (gender depends on my mood, haha) always helps brings me back down to Earth. To look at things as they are, to be content with the now.

So I thought about the lovely week I have had; watching TV in my PJ’s with the kids at breakfast, playing games with each other, baking, helping my youngest son cook the evening meal one night and make cookies, staying up late together because we didn’t have to put the alarm on, going shopping for new clothes (quite what happens to my son when I’m not looking I will never know, but it seems that overnight the ‘shorten my trouser legs and shirt sleeves fairy’ has visited him!)

I digress (I will do this often), instead of feeling guilty and frustrated for not achieving all I had hoped, I am grateful for the unhurried time without deadlines I have spent with my family.  Thankful for being able to do just what we want when we want, if we want – including writing more posts than I’ve managed in any given week to date.  Pleased to have been reminded that today is a gift, a blessing and…


We welcome this in every way and everywhere with utmost gratitude. (Acts 24:3 NRSV).

Enjoy every moment of every day with everyone who completes your life.

God bless x

Images courtesty of FreeImages

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