Musical Memories

Seeing the word Songs made this an easy prompt to join. Four different songs, relating to four different periods in my life came to mind.

The first is Blue Spanish Eyes and always reminds me of my mother (sadly no longer with us) and a holiday we had when I was a child, so I’m going back more than 45 years ago.  We were on a campsite in Aberystwyth and this was the song she would always put on the jukebox in the small club house.

The next one reminds me of dad, also no longer with us.  It comes from the movie Song of the South and when my older children were little, they used to think it was Grandad in the movie.  They could never understand why he wouldn’t sing to them when they saw him 😄

Now for a slight change of pace.  This song was a hit at a time when I had just come through a rather difficult period in my life.  It seemed to be being played everywhere I went, especially during the first year I met my (now) husband.  It was my song, telling the world   I would ALWAYS get up again.  I love the film Happy Feet so this is a nice clip to have the song to.

And finally, I’m back to my dad again.  He simply loved Lois Armstrong, so do I and this was a particular favourite and reminds me of him every time I hear it.  He loved Frank Sinatra too but, for me, it had to be this.

Thanks for coming to share in some of my memories with music.  I hope you have enjoyed the songs.

Have a lovely, and blessed weekend🤗 X

In response to the prompt Songs from The Daily Post

2 thoughts on “Musical Memories

  1. Aww, thank you 😊
    I totally agree with you about God speaking to our hearts through music and songs. When I’m lost for words, or even bursting with a joy that words cannot express, out come the CDs 🙃


  2. Great songs. I didn’t know the “Spanish Blue Eyes” song (and as it seems to do for no apparent reason – my sound wouldn’t work on my iPhone when I tried to watch the video), but I love that these songs bring you joy and great memories when you hear them. I think that is one of God’s ways of speaking to our hearts.

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