Lofty Ideas

We seek to sow life in the child rather than theories, to help him in his growth, mental and emotional as well as physical, and fo that we must offer grand and lofty ideas to the human mind.     Maria Montessori

That sounds like a positive take on the phrase ‘lofty ideas‘ to me, which is a good thing.  Some years ago I was told,

You’re getting a bit above your station with your lofty ideas my girl.  You need to come back down to earth!

My ‘dream’?  To continue my education.  Quite basic really.  Nothing too way out there yet it brought about a response that smacked of

‘Knowing my place’ – place I didn’t want to be.


So, last year I finally decided to reach out for that one dream and started a degree course.  Yay!

Alas, not everything was ‘Yay!’

During the last few weeks because I’ve struggled to motivate myself, struggled to get to grips with some of the material, I’ve allowed  myself to believe that perhaps my idea that I was capable was lofty after all, even though I know that’s not true!

It’s amazing how those old demons pop up and corner you again out of the blue.  Well tonight I realised that every time I doubt my abilities I allow those demons to get a foothold and pin me down again.  There have been some genuine reasons for needing an extension to the deadline to submit, just having to ask for those extensions had me thinking it was because I couldn’t cope, wasn’t capable. What a dingbat!

It’s easy to go back to these dark places when you’re tired, worried about someone etc, etc.  The good news is though it’s just as easy to flood those gloomy places with bright light.  All it took was having a stern word with myself and cracking on.  So I did have a word with myself and, while my husband travelled to visit a poorly aunt, cracked on, completed my assignment (and pretty good it was too even if I do say so myself!) and submitted it for marking.

I’m back on track and it feels great!  I’m back in love with my lofty ideas and excited again about my degree and learning new things.

Do you need to have a word with yourself about something?  Perhaps today is the day to do it.  You can always ignore yourself if you don’t like what you’re saying.  On the other hand, you might just surprise yourself.

Go on!  Give it a go.  The stars are waiting for you to reach for them.  Make this the time you say,

Today was a good day

Be blessed ❤️

The Daily Post: Lofty

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