Nervous Anticipation

After taking longer than expected in getting my first assignment completed, I was relieved when it was finally in.  Every sensible part of my brain knew that it could be up to seven days before it was marked and returned.

You would think knowing this would be enough to relax and get on with the next set of readings and activities while waiting patiently for the results email to arrive.  But it’s me were talking about here, so no. That wasn’t going to happen.  Waiting patiently is not one of my strengths.

Within 24-hours of submitting the assignment my nervous impatience won the day.  I rabbit-caught-in-headlights-with-carrotchecked my emails practically every fifteen minutes of every day until the result was in, which took about three days.  That’s a quick turn around, but you’d be surprised how tense you can get checking emails every fifteen minutes over a 36-hour period.  Honestly, it fair wears you out!  And what do you think I did when I saw that email in my inbox?  Like a rabbit caught in headlights, I sat staring at my laptop because I was too nervous to open it and see how I had done!  Can you believe that?  Talk about stressing myself out!

I am please to say that my nervousness was unfounded and I had faired much better than anticipated and achieved an overall score of 83%.  Needless to say this has boosted both my confidence and my motivation levels so I’m a very…


Night night lovely people 🙂

Daily Prompt: Anticipation

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