I Am a Runner…

Daily Post Discover Challenge:  Mind the Gap

In that wonderful, magical, naive, imgaginative part of my brain – this was going to be me… fit, fast and looking fabulous 😀


Enter ‘The Gap

Reality struck after less than 2K leaving me feeling like my lungs would burst 😦


This admittedly was a few years ago and I am a bit of a fair weather person when it comes to outdoor physicl activities but…

I haven’t totally given up, even though I don’t get out there very often.  I’ve joined a women’s running group and I’m hoping – at some point! – to improve enough to enter a acouple of runs next year, so all is not lost 😀

Now dear readers, I would ask that you resist any temptation to point out the obvious to me and be gracious enough to mind the gap between my tracked run and the fact it is now November!!! 😉

Have a great day x


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