French Hens and Turtle Doves: 31 Days of December


By now dear readers you probably know that Kurilane has invited bloggers to join her with positivity posts for each day in December.  I was very happy to accept this invitation so that I could add a few more positive posts to the world of blogging.  It is very easy to focus on all that is wrong in our lives and the world, but I think it is good to step back, take an objective look around, and be thankful for small and simple joys, as well as the bigs ones.

DEc 2nd:  kindness

Receiving it: As part of church life there are various groups that take place oupside of the Sunday services.  Home Groups (Bible study), toddler groups, Community Cafes and so on, and I belong to a Home Group which meets on a Thursday evening for a couple of hours each week.  I haven’t been a member very long so I don’t know everyone very well yet but, on a long dreamed of visit to see his family in Jamaica, one of the members brought me back a beautiful hand made beaded bracelet.  He came up to me during the Sunday service a couple of weeks back and said,

“When I saw this I knew just who it was for.”


He gave me a hug, and blessed me more than he’ll know with this unexpected gift.  I was blessed not so much by the gift itself, but the fact he had thought of me, a relative newcomer to the group, with such thoughtfulnes, kindness and showed genuine pleasure at my reaction.  🌻

Giving it:  This also happens to be church related for the simple reason that it is very recent too, so it seemed fitting to include.

A lovely older couple joined our church about four months ago, though for various reasons I only met them properly two weeks ago.  While chatting to another member I heard that neither of them had a Bible ane that the lady had particularly mentioned this fact. Knowing I had quite a few (don’t ask!) I said I would give her one of mine.  The first one that came to mind was a pretty pink soft covered ESV version, a favourite of mine as it was easy to carry round and felt nice to the touch.

Now, to my shame,  I discovered that kindness isn’t always a natural property for me.  By that I mean, whilst I had absolutely no problem giving a someone a Bible, I found myself looking through all of my others trying to find another one that might be just as suitable rather than my pink soft covered one.


Where the dickens did that come from?

I honestly don’t know, but rest assured I gave myself a good talking to reminding myself that:

“the fruit of the Spirit is peace, patience, kindness….” (Galatians 5:22)

I want to be someone who bears good fruit, who gives, and does so with humility and love.  I must have 10 Bibles in the house, if not more, and I was cross with myself for the way I was being over this one.  I took the pink covered Bible with me today and sought out the couple telling them I had heard they did not have one of their own.

“Oh,” says the lady beaming, “We’ve got one now but I left it at home.”

For a split second I thought, ‘Great, they’re sorted then’ and immediately chastised myself.

“Would you like one each?” I asked.

“Oh yes, that would be lovely,” she said beaming wider.

I handed her the pretty pink Bible, assuring her (in answer to her question) that no payment was required, it was a gift.  I prayed a very short prayer of blessing over her, that she would come to know God even more as she and her husband read His word together and I genuinely hope they are blessed with double portions on their journey of faith. 🙏🏽

So, why didn’t I just tell you I’d given someone something that they wanted out of the goodness of my heart?

Because that wouldn’t have been true.  It would have made me sound nicer than, for a short time, I actually was. I told the whole story because it made me recognise a part in me which, although I want to be kind and loving, and giving (and I usually am, honestly!), there are still times where I think of me first.  That is not always a bad thing for people to do, but on this occasion I felt it was, so the story is also a small confession of how sometimes, selfishness can creep in even when you’re trying to be nice, and I for one am sorry about that part of me.

I am so glad I caught myself and in the end willingly gave this lovely lady my pretty pink Bible.  She will treasure it for all the right reasons, and I was reminded of a much needed lesson: it truly is better to give than receive.  What joy I felt in doing so 😊

May the rest of your own day be blessed ❤️

5 thoughts on “French Hens and Turtle Doves: 31 Days of December

  1. I love that you had a pink bible! I would love that cover. I see that miracles happen when others are in need of a bible. I have given away so many bibles I cannot count. I use to go to all the bible study groups and I miss them. I was homeless in Oct and moved from IL to Ohio. I ended up getting all my clothes and my new bible from the Thrift store. I got a “NIV” children’s bible and I just put those tabs for the chapters in it. I love it. God bless you and your church and your blog! My name is Jackie. Your sister in Christ Jesus.

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  2. This is such an honest, introspective, loving, positive story. Your heart is full of boundless love and goodness. There is nothing wrong with wanting “nice” things for ourselves, and when we can give our favorites away (even with pause), we tell the Universe that we know it’s abundant – you will be blessed with more abundance, to have and to give! Bless you dear Nessa! 😘

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    1. You are so lovely Rajni, thank you 💕
      It is good to see into yourself and at times recognise the gap between head and heart. I like learning lessons, even uncomfortable ones about myself because this is how we change and grow. My heart is certainly fuller now than it was this morning, so I have already been blessed and am grateful for it. My own prayer is that He ‘create in me a new heart’ so that I see and love people as He does.
      May peace and joy be with you lovely lady 🌹

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