French Hens & Turtle Doves: December 3rd


Image is courtesy of Kurilane

By now dear readers you probably know that Kurilane has invited bloggers to join her with positivity posts for each day in December.  I was very happy to accept this invitation so that I could add a few more positive posts to the world of blogging.  It is very easy to focus on all that is wrong in our lives and the world, but I think it is good to step back, take an objective look around, and be thankful for small and simple joys, as well as the bigs ones.

DEc 3rd:  believe

What or who do you believe in?

I have two short ones to share with you today. There are others, but these were on my heart.

The first comes in the form of a song and I haven’t stopped humming it to myself as I was considering today’s word. I’m sure many of you will know it.  It’s opening line is:

I believe that children are our future, teach them well and let then lead the way…

This is so true.  We must teach our children well.  Teach them to be kind to each other.  Bear with one another. Support and help one another.  And most of all, to LOVE – one another and themselves. As the song says,

the greatest love of all is found in me 

To love yourself, not in an egotistical way, is so very important.  I see too many young (and older!) people really down on themselves. They have no self worth.  No idea how incredible they are.  If we cannot love ourselves, then how can we learn to love others.

My prayer for all of you dear readers is that you know the beauty you have within.

YOU are incredible.

You are awesome!

You are beautiful.

And you Matter.  The world would not be the same without. ❤️

Whitney Houston did a fabulous version, but this one by George Benson is by far my favourite.  I hope you enjoy it too 😊

The second is from Psalm 27:13

I believe I shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

And I do believe this.  For all the madness in the world around us with oppression, violation and disaster at every corner, there are a thousand good people out there bringing relief, release and some form of comfort and joy to everyone they encounter.

There are good people in this world, and lots of them, we need to celebrate them and give thanks for them and above all, BE one them.

Thank you for being exactly who you are.

With love 🌹

8 thoughts on “French Hens & Turtle Doves: December 3rd

    1. Thanks Rajni 🤗 It’s such a beautiful song and the words are so powerful, and true! I shall read your Valentine post while treating myself to a nice cup of French coffee 😉
      Really enjoying doing these 31 Days of December, so glad to be part of it 🙏🏽 X

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you Nessa! I’m enjoying it so much too. Aside from bringing all these great practices into our consciousness, I’m loving the connections I’m making with people like you – after all, in the end, it’s our relationships that make our lives rich with abundance…all you leave behind is your memory and that’s more valuable than $$! 🙂 The coffee sounds so inviting, I think I’ll treat myself to an Irish Creme tea! I use Bailey’s as a creamer for a treat during the holiday, it’s also quite Divine!

        Liked by 1 person

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