French Hens & Turtle Doves: Dec 4th

Kurilane’s promt today is “Someone Special” and she asks us to think about ourselves as that someone.

I’m not very good at looking at  myself as someone special but, as I accepted her invitation to positive posts for 31 Days in December, I have been thinking about what I could write.  One thing I recognise is that, no matter how hard I try I rarely ‘practise what I preach’ – I know! That’s naughty isn’t it?

I will be the first to tell someone else how special they are. How they must celebrate their beauty – within and without. Recognise their worth and so on, but me!  Well, that’s another story.

However, I do know that other people think I’m okay. For instance a year or so ago a situation had become quite difficult,  emotionally draining. One day I got home to find these had been delivered:

They were completely out of the blue, sent simply to let me know I was being thought of. That I was loved, at a time I really needed to feel that.  I was puzzled by the anonymous card but later discovered my older children had clubbed together and sent them. I cried.

A more recent, and equally unexpected ‘I’m thinking of you’ gift arrived a few weeks ago from a dear friend.

Gifts are nice, though it is the love behind them that always makes my heart skip a beat. Brings tears (of joy) to my eyes. I don’t see in me what others do. I don’t think I’m special. Yet I know I am, because other people make me feel I am.  For this I am thankful and happy with who I am.

My prayer is that you are happy with you too. As L’Oréal keeps telling us,

“Because you’re worth it!” 😊


5 thoughts on “French Hens & Turtle Doves: Dec 4th

  1. Vanessa, this is so neat! Especially when Your kids sent the flowers and your friend sent the blessing book. See, they are the few that touch your heart and life. It reminds me of the saying that people come into your life for a reason, a season and a lifetime! I, too, can sometimes be the cheerful giver and such but seem not to take or hear my own advice. I have always been a people pleaser and even at age 50 I struggle not to be!

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    1. Thank you Jackie 🙂
      It’s difficult to say “No” to people sometimes isn’t it? But I’m learning that it’s also ok to do so, particularly when you’re really stretched as it is, or actually just need that hour to recharge your own batteries. I’m in my mid 50’s now so do understate the (sometimes!) difficulty is continuing to people please. Let’s hope 2017 includes pleasing ourselves now and again.
      God bless 😘

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  2. So beautiful Nessa. Thank you for taking up the challenge especially when it’s difficult – that’s when we know we really need to do it the most. It is clear that you are a very SPECIAL person and all the people around you know you that. That is what I wish for each of us, that we see ourselves through the eyes of the ones who love us most – sometimes, they see our Divinity when we don’t, and quite possibly they are meant to be a mirror! Bless you dear Nessa!

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