French Hens & Turtle Doves: Dec 5th

Kurilane’s prompt today is “Laughter and Fun” and today is a strange one for me because it is tinged with great sadness too.


Over the last few weeks my husband has had to travel up to Doncaster at least twice a week to visit a very poorly aunt.  She is in her late seventies and will not get better, so this is the very sad part of my story.

However, there is nothing wrong with her vision or her mind (thank God!).  She is a fighter and, so far, is retaining her dry sense of humour along with her ‘say it as it is’ way of speaking about everything.

To everyone, no matter who your are!

My husband recounted a tale from his last visit, which had everyone there (and both of us as he retold it) in stitches.  It will not necessarily appear that funny to any of my dear readers, you really need to know Aunty to understand it’s humour but I’m going to tell you anyway.

Before I do, one thing you should know is that Aunty was always immaculate.  Well dressed and always – and I do mean always had her make-up on, she would not go anywhere without being properly presented, and would not let anyone see her in a state other than perfect.  So much so, that when she was first admitted to hospital, for the first two weeks she forbid women or children to visit her.  Obviously that changed more recently.

Back to the recent visit.  One of my husband’s uncles and niece turned up and as they walked in, without batting an eyelid Aunty’s first words to our niece were, in a rather admonishing tone,

“What, you’ve turned up here to see me and you couldn’t put a shred of make-up?”

Well, the men should have known better as they tried to muffle their giggles (at aunty carrying on as normal rather than neice’s discomfort) because no sooner had she finished this sentence, when she turned on uncle.

“I see you’ve tidied yourself up and a good job too.  You looked like a bloody tramp when you came last week.”


Oh Aunty, how we love you, and how we are in awe at the way you are coping with things.  You will never really know how much you are helping us come to terms with everything by your ‘normalness’ in the face of such pain and sadness.

We thank you for the laughter.  Keep on being you for as long as you can dear one. ❤️💞❤️


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