Love Don’t Live Here Any More

img_1643Love conquers all…so they say
Yet I was so far away
From all I had hoped for
As I knocked on the door
That was locked from the start
To my mind, soul and heart
Fully joining my other’s

Many signs I ignored
Of the years filled with fraud
As my words said “All is fine”
Though the truth’s a thin line
As I battled inside
To continually hide
My dreams darkened with covers

Now walls of emotional bricks
Glued by tears and thick sticks
Built a shield all around me
Until I could no longer see
What the point was of staying
Despite hours of praying
When my love was just smothered

Clearly some got the first shout
Me and kids always left out
We were not in your thinking
While some feigned their own sinking
But your eyes are so blind
To how brutally unkind
Are the ones you call brothers

Your last words of “Well bye, bye,”
Did not cause me to cry
With emotions quite numb
I then realised, it’s done
It became crystal clear
Love really could disappear
And so ends us being lovers


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