Daily Post: Ambience

Hello lovely people 🙂

I’m not doing very well at regular posts at the moment but you are in my thoughts and I’m enjoying reading some of the posts I follow, along with some new ones this weekend, all thanks to the wonderful Daily Post and the inspiring prompts they provide.  As the month of January moves rapidly on I’m looking forward to finding my writing mojo and joining you all on a regular basis again.

Ambience.  It’s a good word isn’t it?  Trouble is I can’t hear or speak this word without thinking of Mickey Flannegan’s routine on fine dining. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but this is one of his routines that always makes me laugh.  And we all need a little laughter in our lives!

Now to my post proper on Ambience – after all,  it is the Weekly Photo Challenge.  Although I have promised myself a thousand times I will leave my DSLR camera out and ready, yet again it wasn’t and because a sunrise/sunset changes so quickly I just grabbed my iPad for this photo.   I have yet to master the available settings on that too so the photograph doesn’t really capture the beauty of the still visible moon.  It shone brightly in the middle of an array of rainbow colours which encircle it – no doubt the reflective effects of the rising sun.  It was this rainbow frame that really caught my breath –  I’m only I was unable to capture it well enough for you to see it for yourselves 😦

I get up quite early so as to have at least half an hour – more if possible, haha! -before the rest of the family wake and the hustle and bustle of the day begins, so it’s still dark and the lovely ambient glow of orange is our outside light.   I love the glow of this light during the evening hours as well.  Whatever the season it brings a warm, calming atmosphere to the small patch of ‘outdoors’ that is mine.  This particular morning all was silent, apart from one of two birds stirring though not yet in full song.  The air was still and clear, in fact we’d had a scattering of snow and that in itself seems to bring a silence to the land.  It was lovely and prepared my soul for the day ahead.


Weekly Photo Challenge:  Ambience

4 thoughts on “Daily Post: Ambience

    1. Great minds and all that…😉
      Thank you. Although it didn’t capture the beauty of the moon with the spectrum of colour surrounding it, considering it was a quick shot with my iPad I was quite pleased with how it it came out.

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