I know I’m going back a few days on this prompt, but I’ve been pondering on it for a while now.  The very first thing that jumped into my head was the film ‘War Room’, in particular the following clip from it:

Although you don’t hear it in this clip, Miss Clara goes on to say about how you can’t expect answer to prayer when your prayer life, or indeed your faith full stop, is only lukewarm.  This film really spoke to me because I definitely notice a difference in my life when I’m full steam ahead (as it were) with my prayer life, and when I feel strong in my faith as opposed to those times when I do not.  I feel different, more confident, more sure of myself and who I am.  When I’m only lukewarm for whatever reason – usually because of feelings of inadequacy or being unworthy, not just in the sight of God, but in many areas of my life, then I don’t deal with situations quite so well.  They are the times I feel like I’ve had the stuffing knocked out of me.

The Bible makes several references to being lukewarm in your faith, though I find this by far one of the strongest.


Whether of faith, or none, it’s no good being lukewarm in any area of our lives.  I find sitting on the fence  (perhaps another way of thinking about lukewarm) just doesn’t cut it.  You’re either going to do something with all your heart or not.  And ‘not’ is perfectly okay, it’s the maybe-yes-maybe-no-sitting-on-the-fence-lukewarm that’s no good.

I’ve been guilty of being lukewarm in too many areas lately and I think that’s one of the reasons I took so long getting this post together.  I’ve been working through these areas, identifying the what/when and why’s of them and coming to the conclusion that good old Henry Ford was quite correct when he said:

“If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right!”

It has been an insightful exercise of self reflection and I’m encouraged that in doing so I have been able to recognise those areas I’m definitely (without guilt) cold, and those where I want and need to be red hot.  I have goals to achieve this year and the only way I will reach them is to stay on the boil.  Today has been a day of my internal kettle steaming up the windows of my life and I’m hoping it continues and reaches sauna levels.

May you recognise areas of your life that are lukewarm and be encouraged to jump!  Whether that’s into a cold tub, or a steam room is your choice because either will involve a shift from a static position.

Be blessed in all you do 🙏🏼   Bless all those you encounter 🌻

Daily Prompt: Lukewarm

6 thoughts on “Lukewarm

  1. So very true….It’s better to make a decision one way or the other, than no decision at all. If it’s the wrong choice you make……well some of our brightest moments can emerge out of our darkest moments….at least this is what I think…

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  2. Hi Elaine, thanks for you comments – both of them, and please don’t feel the need to apologise, I appreciate you taking the time to write anything at all x
    I guess it was a bit of both, I often refer to the Bible and my faith because they are an integral part of my life. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t question it all at times. I completely get the not needing to go to church, I don’t always go myself, but I am someone who prays constantly even when I don’t go. I don’t mean on my knees every hour of every day, more like Brother Lawrence, I’m saying little prayers and talking to God – from my heart and sometimes out loud – throughout the day.
    I stopped going to church some years ago for the very reasons you mention – ungodly, unchristian people spouting one thing in the service and behaving quite differently when outside of the church. I couldn’t get my head round it all and quite frankly thought (at that time) if this is Christianity you can keep it!
    As my own faith deepened, I realised that this is how some people behave, but actually I wasn’t (and don’t) go to church for the people (though it’s nice when they’re good people and you can enjoy their company), I go because I want to worship and pray and take Holy Communion in a collective environment. How others behave is between them and God.
    Sorry, none of that is meant to be preachy, it’s just my own personal thoughts and reasons.
    On your second comment, yes it was also – and probably more so – about other and all areas of my life too. I’m just in the middle of another post about one area I’ve been very lukewarm, but the heat just got turned up – and I’m glad, I needed a kick up the bum to get me going again, 😂
    Love to hear your thoughts and really appreciate your follow, likes and comments – no need to ever apologise. Blogs are about being able to express ourselves and I value the different perspectives as well as the similarities we discover we have.
    With peace and love xxx 😊🌷


  3. A great post , I am a big believer yet I do not feel the need to go to church or pray constantly to consider myself hot, cold, lukewarm whatever. 😊 when I was a child I wanted to be a nun! I went to church when I was older and found a lot of the people who were there were far from godlike. I then went onto to become spiritual, I was a believer in the universe….. it is only in the last few years when I began praying again giving thanks and also asking for a good man….. John (my now husband) then appeared. So Godly I suppose I definitely am. Although no way will I be attending church. I just try to spread the word gently. With no hell and damnation ! 🌹

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