A Time to Pause

Today I found myself in a position where time to pause, (and take several deep breathes!) was desperately needed.  After ranting, mostly to myself, I was able to take that time by focussing my attention to the tasks of the day ahead but, every time there was gap, I was straight back to that place of… well, steaming…

What got me so mad?

LIES!  I hate them.  Big or small it doesn’t matter, I simply hate them.

Do the people who so easily tell them not realise that the truth will always out?  Do they not realise they are not clever enough to remember what they’ve said and to whom?  What tiny part of their brain makes them think the two stories won’t collide at some point?

Oh my Lord!  I’m getting steamed up again just writing about it now.  But writing about it is therapeutic because whilst I’m pounding the letters on my keyboard I’m not clenching and unclenching my fists.  Which is probably a little over the top, but if you’ve ever been really cross about something or someone, yet you’re hands are kind of tied (metaphorically of course) then you’ll at least understand what I mean.

Personally I would very much like to confront the individual concerned and tell them what an immature, conniving little liar they are.  However, in the capacity this is taking place I have to put a calm and graceful front on and keep my mouth shut 🤐

NOT one of my strengths.  I believe you call a spade a spade and tell it how it is.  But I also accept that in this particular capacity I’m representative of an organisation who prefers to keep the waters calm.

I get that.

Sort of.


Nope.  I don’t.  I still think you call it for what it is.

So I’m left sitting here hours and hours later, recognising that I’m still pretty steamed about the situation and still desperately needing to take deep, deep  breaths, calm the heck down and remember to…

Daily Post: Pause

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