Denial (1)

Well this one got me going, but then I do seem to be having one of those weeks where I need to give joining the club for ‘Grumpy Old Women’ some serious consideration ūü§£

Don’t tell me I’m ‘un-Christian’

Because I challenge all your crap!

Especially when your Mantra is

“Sod ’em all, I’m¬†alright Jack.”

You’d like to think that¬†faith in¬†Christ

Means you can treat just as you please.

Well NO¬†my friend, that’s not the case

The day will come

When even you

Will fall down on your knees.

A Christian’s not a push over

With¬†‘There, there’s’ and ‘Don’t you cry’s.’

Christ came to tell it like it is

Reveal all truth

Uncover lies.

Your reaction at wrongs pointed out

Are like those who put Jesus on trial

You should pull you head out of the sand**

Lest you self-asphyxiate on Denial.

(** I was being polite! )

TDP: Denial

To end on a lighter note, you¬†may have guessed that my¬†Featured Image was a photograph of… yes you’ve got it…

De-Nile!  xxx

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