Denial (2)

I saved these pants for three long years

In the hope again I’d wear

But when I tried my pants said ‘NO!’

‘Of yourself you’ve took no care.’

Your middle’s spread, your bum’s too big

And widened have your your hips

There is no blame but your own self

With cakes and cream on lips.




So get a grip and let them go

You are no more size eight!

Give them away to charity

And stop eating snacks real late!




Don’t keep them ‘Just in case’ no more

They clearly will not fit

It’s time to buy a bigger size

And it’s just tough you don’t like it!




The fact your middle’s grown somewhat

Makes it time for you to file

And finally put this experience

In that category called ‘self denial’

WDP: Denial

8 thoughts on “Denial (2)

    1. Haha! Thanks x.
      I really don’t have an issue with my weight/size. The poem was a bit of fun after saying those famous words “I’ve got nothing to wear!”, to which my husband gave me one of ‘those looks’ after looking in my wardrobe. I then proceeded to show him how many things I’d grown out of, haha! I really do need to have a clear out and give them away.
      Thanks for reading 😊 xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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