A Timely Reminder

This morning my Facebook notified me of my memories via ‘on this day‘ and amongst them was this post which I shared on my timeline.  Now I don’t know if the story is true and, if it is, I don’t know whether the student really was Einstein, but what I do know is this; for someone who has been struggling with her beliefs recently  (more on this later) this was a timely reminder of what it (faith) is all about for me.

THE POST (from 2012)

Professor : You are a Christian, aren’t you, son ?

Student : Yes, sir.

Professor: So, you believe in GOD ?

Student : Absolutely, sir.

Professor : Is GOD good ?

Student : Sure.

Professor: Is GOD all powerful ?

Student : Yes.

Professor: My brother died of cancer even though he prayed to GOD to heal him. Most of us would attempt to help others who are ill. But GOD didn’t. How is this GOD good then? Hmm?

(Student was silent.)

Professor: You can’t answer, can you ? Let’s start again, young fella. Is GOD good?

Student : Yes.

Professor: Is satan good ?

Student : No.

Professor: Where does satan come from ?

Student : From … GOD …

Professor: That’s right. Tell me son, is there evil in this world?

Student : Yes.

Professor: Evil is everywhere, isn’t it ? And GOD did make everything. Correct?
Student : Yes.

Professor: So who created evil ?

(Student did not answer.)

Professor: Is there sickness? Immorality? Hatred? Ugliness? All these terrible things exist in the world, don’t they?

Student : Yes, sir.

Professor: So, who created them ?

(Student had no answer.)

Professor: Science says you have 5 Senses you use to identify and observe the world around you. Tell me, son, have you ever seen GOD?

Student : No, sir.

Professor: Tell us if you have ever heard your GOD?

Student : No , sir.

Professor: Have you ever felt your GOD, tasted your GOD, smelt your GOD? Have you ever had any sensory perception of GOD for that matter?
Student : No, sir. I’m afraid I haven’t.

Professor: Yet you still believe in Him?

Student : Yes.

Professor : According to Empirical, Testable, Demonstrable Protocol, Science says your GOD doesn’t exist. What do you say to that, son?

Student : Nothing. I only have my faith.
Professor: Yes, faith. And that is the problem Science has.
Student : Professor, is there such a thing as heat?

Professor: Yes.

Student : And is there such a thing as cold?
Professor: Yes.

Student : No, sir. There isn’t.

(The lecture theater became very quiet with this turn of events.)

Student : Sir, you can have lots of heat, even more heat, superheat, mega heat, white heat, a little heat or no heat. But we don’t have anything called cold. We can hit 458 degrees below zero which is no heat, but we can’t go any further after that. There is no such thing as cold. Cold is only a word we use to describe the absence of heat. We cannot measure cold. Heat is energy. Cold is not the opposite of heat, sir, just the absence of it.

(There was pin-drop silence in the lecture theater.)

Student : What about darkness, Professor? Is there such a thing as darkness?

Professor: Yes. What is night if there isn’t darkness?

Student : You’re wrong again, sir. Darkness is the absence of something. You can have low light, normal light, bright light, flashing light. But if you have no light constantly, you have nothing and its called darkness, isn’t it? In reality, darkness isn’t. If it is, well you would be able to make darkness darker, wouldn’t you?

Professor: So what is the point you are making, young man ?

Student : Sir, my point is your philosophical premise is flawed.

Professor: Flawed ? Can you explain how?

Student : Sir, you are working on the premise of duality. You argue there is life and then there is death, a good GOD and a bad GOD. You are viewing the concept of GOD as something finite, something we can measure. Sir, Science can’t even explain a thought. It uses electricity and magnetism, but has never seen, much less fully understood either one. To view death as the opposite of life is to be ignorant of the fact that death cannot exist as a substantive thing.

Death is not the opposite of life: just the absence of it. Now tell me, Professor, do you teach your students that they evolved from a monkey?

Professor: If you are referring to the natural evolutionary process, yes, of course, I do.

Student : Have you ever observed evolution with your own eyes, sir?

(The Professor shook his head with a smile, beginning to realize where the argument was going.)

Student : Since no one has ever observed the process of evolution at work and cannot even prove that this process is an on-going endeavor. Are you not teaching your opinion, sir? Are you not a scientist but a preacher?

(The class was in uproar.)

Student : Is there anyone in the class who has ever seen the Professor’s brain?

(The class broke out into laughter. )

Student : Is there anyone here who has ever heard the Professor’s brain, felt it, touched or smelt it? No one appears to have done so. So, according to the established Rules of Empirical, Stable, Demonstrable Protocol, Science says that you have no brain, sir. With all due respect, sir, how do we then trust your lectures, sir?

(The room was silent. The Professor stared at the student, his face unfathomable.)

Professor: I guess you’ll have to take them on faith, son.

Student : That is it sir … Exactly ! The link between man & GOD is FAITH. That is all that keeps things alive and moving.

P.S.  By the way, that student was EINSTEIN.

I’ve felt very much like the Professor at the beginning.  I’ve been asking these questions of myself and I could not answer them.  Nor can I answer some of the questions people ask me when it comes to my faith and God and, even if I could, I would not be so eloquent as this student, I’m not that clever.  It takes me time to process things, with respect to faith issues sometimes days or even weeks!

I do not know why there is so much suffering in the world.

I do not know why bad things happen to good people, and bad people seem to get all the breaks.  I do not know why there is famine, and floods, and war, and such great poverty in the world.

What I do know is it’s there. All around us. Here in the so called civilised West as well as other areas of the world (though I acknowledge this is not on a comparable scale to some other countries).

What I do know is my faith and hope in God is real even when I try to distance myself from it. Question it.  Doubt it.

I still have much to think about.  To pray about.  Until then, may you continue to have a lovely break and I pray all good blessings cover you and yours this Eastertide.


WDP: Timely

16 thoughts on “A Timely Reminder

  1. Reblogged this on Purpose-driven achiever and commented:
    Hello friends and followers,
    During my travels in cyberspace this morning, I came across this wonderful post. I just had to share it. I do so for the benefit of two groups of people:
    (1) those who may be seeking, who are curious, or who believe yet disbelieve, who sit on the fence because they want ‘proof’ and
    (2) those who desire to live a purpose-driven life. Jesus has given us a clear commission and responsibility. We should not be afraid to share the good news of the gospel.
    Thank you and have a blessed day. 😃💖


    1. Awesome! Thanks you so much. May it carry the blessing of the Lord to those who read it and I hope it speaks into the hearts and minds of your followers, even if it’s just one.
      Be blessed and be a blessing 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear blogger,
    Thank you so much for sharing this. An absolutely wonderful post. Whether the story is true or not, whether the pupil was Einstein or not, holds little importance. The beautiful thing for me is that it provides food for thought.
    I would like to re-blog this.


    1. Wow! Thank you. I’m so glad I wrote this post now and shared my Facebook ‘memory’. It certainly is a story for one to think about. If it’s not true, my view is that it’s a bit like a parable. Jesus always leaves us having to think hard about what he says, and for me this does too. God bless you x

      Liked by 1 person

    1. As always, thank you Elaine.
      Faith is always a risky thing to write about for fear people think your pushing it on them, but that’s never my intention when I do, just my thoughts, struggles, despairs and joys put into the words that come.
      I’m so pleased this post made your day, and I pray other things, people and opportunities continue to make it a great one for you 🙏🏼💕xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello fellow blogger, I think that is exactly what the Enemy wants – for us to be fearful to share the gospel, to be made to feel that when we seek to obey Christ’s commission we are pushing our faith onto others. Yet people of other faiths with extremist views have no such concerns!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Dear Ladycee,
        Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment 😊
        I think you’re absolutely right! Doubt, fear, anxiety – all the negative feelings associated with sharing ones faith are instilled in us to throw us off the path. I’ve stopped beating myself up about them though, because I believe the word of God prepared us by showing us the example of how even the disciples went through these emotions, and yet were still counted as men of God.
        When I do share my thoughts, it’s wonderful to have feedback, provoke conversation and, to be honest, know I’m not alone in them. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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