The Two Castles 10K

I should be in bed by now getting a good, or fitful at least, night’s sleep before the big day tomorrow.  

“What big day?”, some of you may be asking.

Well here in Warwickshire it’s a very big day.  Tomorrow is the 2 Castles 10k Run and, you’ve guessed it, I’m one of the 4,000 people that will be taking part.  Am I ready?!  Not even a little bit.  Well…that’s not strictly true, I’ve got my running gear ready.

Now, the last time I got my ‘running’ gear on was back in February when I took part in my first Park Run, which is 5K, and I didn’t do great 🙁.  Since then my legs haven’t gone any faster than a speed walk when I’m rushing round the supermarket, and no further than a 100m at any given time usually ending at the car!  Hence the us of inverted commas for the word running being. 

Ten kilometres!  Starting at 9:00am with a deadline to finish by 11:15am at the very latest, thereafter the finish line will be closed.  Two hours fifteen minutes sounds like plenty of time doesn’t it?  And under normal circumstances it most certainly would  be and could be achieved with a well paced steady walk of approximately 3mph.  However, when you’re quite unfit and worried that your legs, lungs and more importantly your frame of mind will carry you over the finish line, two hours and fifteen minutes doesn’t sound like half as much time as I’ll need.

Three years ago I managed to do this same event in 1hr 31mins. This year I will be SO pleased to cross that line before 11:00am, anything less will be blessed bonus (not to say something akin to a mini miracle!). The goal this year to take it steady and enjoy. To support and encourage others where I can along the way. 

And to finish.  

Yes, to finish the race will be something well worth this evening’s wide awake nervousness, even if that finish is at a snails pace. 

May your night have been restful, may your morning be hopeful, and may your day ahead be blessed 🌹

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