The Finish Line

Hello lovely readers 😊

As promised, I’m back to let you know how I got on with the 2 Castles 10k Run yesterday.

First and most importantly (to me) is that I finished the race, whoohoo! 🙌🏽   I can’t tell you what a relief that was, swiftly followed by a great sense of achievement.  And this evening I was stunned and thrilled to find out I wasn’t last, with an official time of 1:36 which,  if you’re a ‘proper runner’, no doubt you will find that time laughable but for me…

And here’s one of me and my daughter (who naturally finished a good ways before me) with our medals, oh yes, and my husband sneaking in there in the background 😂

And enjoying a well earned strawberry and lime cider afterwards 😊

Have a great week everyone 🌷

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