Surviving the Academic Year

I know we all say it, especially as we get older, but I really don’t know where this year has gone.  The children break up on Friday for the summer holidays, and the results are now out for Open University graduates/students.

The final assignment for any modules is called the EMA, which stands for Externally Marked Assignment.  My module this year was  Investigating Psychology, which is just one of 6 Modules that I will need to be awarded a BSc Psychology Degree.  The year has been fraught with the unexpected – though in comparison to what I’ve heard some students have gone through my year has been a breeze because nothing particularly drastic or traumatic has taken place, for which I am thankful.  It’s just been busy.  Busy is part of life these days and, like many of you I’m sure, busy is okay but when unexpected additions to your already busy schedule crop up, it throws you slightly out of kilter.  Once you’re routine has been unbalanced it feels like you’re forever chasing your tail to try and catch up.

To this end, I have not applied myself as well as I could, or should have so I’ve been amazed at some of the decent marks I have obtained on my assignments throughout the year.  However, much like the kids having to do their GCSEs or A Levels recently, the one that really counts is the EMA.

The good news is I received a PASS! 😀

The less good news is that I was taken waaaay back to old school reports with comments like ‘Could do better!’ (not the words used by the examiner, but it definitely felt like that’s what was (rightly) being said).  Like I don’t know that already!

I am glad to get this one out of the way and I am, of course, delighted that I passed, but also very cross with myself for not reaching the level I could have.  But it’s okay, I know I didn’t put the work in so the feedback I’ve received is absolutely fair.  And it’s given me the kick up the backside that I needed – always a silver lining 😉

So I’m going to enjoy the summer with the children, visit friends, go on day trips, enjoy our weekend camping at Car Fest in aid of Children in Need, relax and recharge our batteries so that we’re refreshed, and fighting fit to meet September head on when it comes.

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful summer – relax, enjoy, love, live, laugh!  God bless x


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