As one door closes…

…so several others open.

Today is Monday 31st July (at least it was when I first started this post!) and it is the first day of becoming an ‘at home mum’ again, though I must add this does not mean I will not be working!  I’ve missed being part of the blogging world too, so it will be good to have time again to post and read.

Over the last 6 months things began to change and it became clear that something had to give so that what was left could be done well.  Some of you know I deal with the administration for my husband’s (our) business, am studying for a degree in psychology, see people for prayer/spiritual direction sessions and, as is the case for most wives/mum’s, fit all this around running the home (and a private taxi service to the our teenagers!!!)   None of this is a complaint.  Life is good.  Very busy, but good.

However, I did have to stop and take a look a where my skills, and my heart, was best placed.  During the half term (I know, I know, that was way back in May) after lots of discussions with the family, and lots of prayer we decided it was time to give up the part time job I had taken. on last year so that I could focus on what was ahead.

Husband’s work is full on at the moment – for which we thank God – and he needs me around more than ever, my degree coursework will get tougher.  I’m pleased to say I passed my last module this year but it could, and should have been a better mark.  This is what happens when we try and burn the candle at both ends.  And although the Peaced Together course I will be running won’t start until September, it’s amazing how much preparation is needed.  Much of this prep work is going to be great fun because it’s completing the crafts that will be part of the course so happy days.

Oh yes, and then there is crafting…  Oh my goodness lovely readers, I have found that what I once thought about myself (i.e. not a creative person) isn’t true.  Yay!  I have discovered some new and very enjoyable skills and this is something else I want to concentrate on.  Painting (don’t worry, proper artists have nothing to worry about, haha!), mosaics, sewing (you might remember my lacy bowl?)… all these because I’ve taken some workshops to learn the simple, but very effective basic techniques.  I’m hooked.  Simple joys!

I’ve started a new craft blog so that I can keep things separate so if you fancy taking a look please do.  You’ll find me here V C Craft Corner, it will be good to see you there 😊

Well that’s it for now.  Sorry it’s been so long,  I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with you all.

Stay blessed 🌷

2 thoughts on “As one door closes…

    1. Ah thank you Ruby 😘. My Pete is very supportive and with the kids getting more independent it all helps. I know I’m very blessed and hugely grateful that I’m able to do as many things that I enjoy as well as the necessaries of life xxx 🙂

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