Multi-Media Art


After a morning of trying to sort out the technicalities of using two different platforms (one website, one blog) I do hope that the links to and from each now work!  My original Simple Joys site is now home to my Art and Craft blog so over the coming weeks I will be bringing new posts about what I create, teach and the new things I learn myself.  And that’s what I’m going to start with, something new to me 🙂

I’ve heard the terms ‘multi media’ or ‘mixed media’ on a number of occasions but they didn’t really mean much to me.  I’m a simple girl, liking simple things so becoming a Folk artist was perfect for me and there is still so much to learn with that.  But then I came across a summer course by  Mixed Up Creative and I’m hooked!

I’ve learnt so much these last few weeks, not just about multi-media process, but how I approach any of my creative stuff.  It’s been great fun and a real gift to find time for myself to play.  Here is a selection of the projects I’ve completed so far.

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The course is much more than just the mixed media elements, it also helped me to (as one of the lessons is entitled) ‘get out of my own way’ and try ways of being creative that I probably wouldn’t have attempted.

Below is a watercolour galaxy page – I have baskets of acrylic paints and didn’t even know if I had any watercolours so, nothing fancy here I’m afraid.   I found a kids paint palette in a cupboard (goodness knows how old it is) so I’m quite pleased it came out as it did!

I’m actually pleased with everything I’ve done above but, these finger-painted blossoms are rapidly becoming a firm favourite.  Never in a month of Sundays did I imagine I’d be finger-painting – not at my age (see there it is, the old ‘too grown up for such a thing…’ thing), never mind creating something so pretty.  What do you think?

Do check out mixed up creative, they have some fabulous short, and very affordable courses to wet your whistle with a great online community to boot.

More to follow over the weekend from yet another online course I discovered.

Happy Friday evening 😊

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