WDP: Replacement

This one is nice and short as my post is simply about the fact I have recently replaced my blog theme and moved from one of the WordPress classics, Twenty Eleven to Fiore.   I’m not sure whether I like it yet, but I’m going to stick with it for a while to see if it grows … More WDP: Replacement


Graceful, sadly I do not fit this description.  ‘Bull in a China shop’ comes to mind for me as I’m frequently bumping into things, dropping things, losing things…the list goes on. When I first read the prompt a number of beautiful, graceful women came to mind and two of my favourites are both timeless beauties.  The stunning Audrey Hepburn … More Graceful

Here or There?

I hear panic, breathless voices Making choices About me it seems Or are they my dreams? I hear beeping and blipping My mind must be tripping I feel here yet I’m not What’s this thing I forgot? I feel laden with weight Yet see me move to a gate But my eyes are still closed … More Here or There?

I Am a Runner…

Daily Post Discover Challenge:  Mind the Gap In that wonderful, magical, naive, imgaginative part of my brain – this was going to be me… fit, fast and looking fabulous 😀 Enter ‘The Gap‘ Reality struck after less than 2K leaving me feeling like my lungs would burst 😦 This admittedly was a few years ago … More I Am a Runner…

Nervous Anticipation

After taking longer than expected in getting my first assignment completed, I was relieved when it was finally in.  Every sensible part of my brain knew that it could be up to seven days before it was marked and returned. You would think knowing this would be enough to relax and get on with the … More Nervous Anticipation