A Timely Reminder

This morning my Facebook notified me of my memories via ‘on this day‘ and amongst them was this post which I shared on my timeline.  Now I don’t know if the story is true and, if it is, I don’t know whether the student really was Einstein, but what I do know is this; for … More A Timely Reminder

Denial (1)

Well this one got me going, but then I do seem to be having one of those weeks where I need to give joining the club for ‘Grumpy Old Women’ some serious consideration ūü§£ Don’t tell me I’m ‘un-Christian’ Because¬†I challenge¬†all your crap! Especially when your Mantra is “Sod ’em all, I’m¬†alright Jack.” You’d like … More Denial (1)

A Mother’s Prayer

For mothers around the world with us, a¬†precious memory, those richly blessed and those in poverty, this prayer is for you all ūüíě Have a wonderful weekend and I wish you all a very Hapoy Mothers Day ūüíź X

Stop! Be still.

In the immediacy of our present world where everything has to be done NOW, if possible even sooner, we find ourselves rushing from here to there at breakneck speed; one task overlaps another as we try and fit an impossible workload into the available hours of the day. ¬†Hours we cannot increase. ¬†Hours we cannot … More Stop! Be still.