WDP: Ten (Part two)

Oh my, I’ve been in a bit of a state over my degree course lately, with family circumstances and a bereavement playing in a large part in my recent struggle, then add to that my usual self-doubt and you start to see the picture.

Nervous Anticipation

After taking longer than expected in getting my first assignment completed, I was relieved when it was finally in.  Every sensible part of my brain knew that it could be up to seven days before it was marked and returned. You would think knowing this would be enough to relax and get on with the … More Nervous Anticipation

Lofty Ideas

We seek to sow life in the child rather than theories, to help him in his growth, mental and emotional as well as physical, and fo that we must offer grand and lofty ideas to the human mind.     Maria Montessori That sounds like a positive take on the phrase ‘lofty ideas‘ to me, which … More Lofty Ideas

The online classroom

I have just attended my second online tutorial, what a great way of being in the classroom without the traveling.  There was even a button equivalent to holding your hand up, brilliant! 😀 Although I would much rather meet and interact with people face to face, this new addition to my OU studies means I … More The online classroom