Denial (2)

I saved these pants for three long years In the hope again I’d wear But when I tried my pants said ‘NO!’ ‘Of yourself you’ve took no care.’ Your middle’s spread, your bum’s too big And widened have your your hips There is no blame but your own self With cakes and cream on lips. … More Denial (2)

Denial (1)

Well this one got me going, but then I do seem to be having one of those weeks where I need to give joining the club for ‘Grumpy Old Women’ some serious consideration 🤣 Don’t tell me I’m ‘un-Christian’ Because I challenge all your crap! Especially when your Mantra is “Sod ’em all, I’m alright Jack.” You’d like … More Denial (1)

The Best Ones

The cusp is found in many forms In graphs, and teeth, and art But the very best I’ve found to date Are the ones that form a heart  ❤️ There are hearts of gold and hearts of stone They can be fluffy or made from mesh But the very best I’ve come across Are those made … More The Best Ones

Here or There?

I hear panic, breathless voices Making choices About me it seems Or are they my dreams? I hear beeping and blipping My mind must be tripping I feel here yet I’m not What’s this thing I forgot? I feel laden with weight Yet see me move to a gate But my eyes are still closed … More Here or There?

We’re Not Ready

  We know when it’s time For our loved one to fly To our God and Creator Up there in the sky But… We’re not ready No matter our wishes There is no kind of pill To make everything better We know this But still… We’re not ready We’re being very selfish Emotions run high Beloved … More We’re Not Ready

4 Seasons 4 Poems

Discover Challenges: Numbers I have been feeling very rhythmic today, so here is another little poem for you.  Enjoy 🙂 WINTER It’s time to don your scarf and hats Warm winter boots or shoes A time for lighting real log fires And eating hearty stews.           SPRING The thaw begins and new … More 4 Seasons 4 Poems