The Best Ones

The cusp is found¬†in many forms In graphs, and teeth, and art But the very best I’ve found to date Are the ones that form a heart ¬†‚̧ԳŹ There are hearts of gold and hearts of stone They can be fluffy or made from mesh But the very best I’ve come across Are those made … More The Best Ones

A Time to Pause

Today I found myself in a position where time to¬†pause, (and take several deep breathes!) was desperately needed. ¬†After ranting, mostly to myself, I was able to take that time by¬†focussing my attention to¬†the tasks of the day¬†ahead but, every time there was gap, I was straight¬†back to that place of… well, steaming… What got … More A Time to Pause

An Ordinary Life

The prompt from the 24th March has been filling my thoughts for the last few days with questions like “What¬†exactly does¬†‘ordinary’ look like?” ¬†“How does being classed as ‘ordinary’ make someone feel?” ¬†“Is it ok to be just ‘ordinary’?” The word ordinary, and the¬†questions relating to it won’t¬†go away and I’ve come to understand why; … More An Ordinary Life


I know I’m going back a few days on this prompt, but I’ve been pondering on it for a while now. ¬†The very first thing that jumped into my head was the film ‘War Room’, in particular the following clip from it: Although you don’t hear it in this clip, Miss Clara goes on to … More Lukewarm

WDP: Resist

When I saw the prompt two days ago I knew exactly what my post would be about. ¬†My inability to¬†Resist procrastinating in place¬†of studying. ¬†So while I should have been doing this…

WDP: Ten (Part two)

Oh my, I’ve been in a bit of a state over my degree course lately, with family circumstances and a bereavement playing in a large part in my recent struggle, then add to that¬†my usual self-doubt and you start to see the picture.