Our Wonderful Earth

By now you will be familiar with my love of cloud formations.  I’m no scientist so I couldn’t tell you anything about them but I love watching them drift across the skies in all their glory.  Occasionally I really see something in them.  For instance, (apologies if you’ve seen it before) this image, both at the time I took the … More Our Wonderful Earth

All things Green

It’s been quite a while since my last post but it’s good to be back 🙂  I hope you’ve all been keeping well, looking forward to slowly catching up with everyone’s recent posts over the weekend. Kick-starting with the Weekly Photo Challenge “It is Easy Being Green” I hope you enjoy!  


The first two photographs were taken on a weekend trip to the Blessings Conference at  Ffald-y-Brenin back in March 2013.  I went with three lovely ladies and it all came about after reading a book called The Grace Outpouring.  I was taking a photograph of the view below and it wasn’t until I looked at the image later I realised our shadows … More Shadows


The challenge this week was to ‘show what being alone means to you‘.  Not everyone likes to be alone, even for a short time but for me, occasional periods of solitude restore the soul, give me permission to just be for a while and give me time to re-centre myself. These photographs are places I have been solitary … More Solitude


Graceful, sadly I do not fit this description.  ‘Bull in a China shop’ comes to mind for me as I’m frequently bumping into things, dropping things, losing things…the list goes on. When I first read the prompt a number of beautiful, graceful women came to mind and two of my favourites are both timeless beauties.  The stunning Audrey Hepburn … More Graceful