A Timely Reminder

This morning my Facebook notified me of my memories via ‘on this day‘ and amongst them was this post which I shared on my timeline.  Now I don’t know if the story is true and, if it is, I don’t know whether the student really was Einstein, but what I do know is this; for … More A Timely Reminder

Denial (2)

I saved these pants for three long years In the hope again I’d wear But when I tried my pants said ‘NO!’ ‘Of yourself you’ve took no care.’ Your middle’s spread, your bum’s too big And widened have your your hips There is no blame but your own self With cakes and cream on lips. … More Denial (2)

Denial (1)

Well this one got me going, but then I do seem to be having one of those weeks where I need to give joining the club for ‘Grumpy Old Women’ some serious consideration šŸ¤£ Don’t tell me I’m ‘un-Christian’ BecauseĀ I challengeĀ all your crap! Especially when your Mantra is “Sod ’em all, I’mĀ alright Jack.” You’d like … More Denial (1)

The Best Ones

The cusp is foundĀ in many forms In graphs, and teeth, and art But the very best I’ve found to date Are the ones that form a heart Ā ā¤ļø There are hearts of gold and hearts of stone They can be fluffy or made from mesh But the very best I’ve come across Are those made … More The Best Ones

A Time to Pause

Today I found myself in a position where time toĀ pause, (and take several deep breathes!) was desperately needed. Ā After ranting, mostly to myself, I was able to take that time byĀ focussing my attention toĀ the tasks of the dayĀ ahead but, every time there was gap, I was straightĀ back to that place of… well, steaming… What got … More A Time to Pause