The Finish Line

Hello lovely readers 😊 As promised, I’m back to let you know how I got on with the 2 Castles 10k Run yesterday. First and most importantly (to me) is that I finished the race, whoohoo! 🙌🏽   I can’t tell you what a relief that was, swiftly followed by a great sense of achievement. … More The Finish Line

I Am a Runner…

Daily Post Discover Challenge:  Mind the Gap In that wonderful, magical, naive, imgaginative part of my brain – this was going to be me… fit, fast and looking fabulous 😀 Enter ‘The Gap‘ Reality struck after less than 2K leaving me feeling like my lungs would burst 😦 This admittedly was a few years ago … More I Am a Runner…

The Forest

Why was it so dark, and suddenly considerably colder? Only moments ago the sun had been shining brightly. The rays had looked like enormous, glistening swords as they sliced through the trees and penetrated the ground; ground blanketed with moss, fern and wild flowers. I felt a little discouraged now and I stepped up the pace … More The Forest

Running (sort of!)

If you were wondering why I have posted this under Educating Nessa it’s because I need [re]educating on all sorts of things at the moment!  But what’s all that got to do with running? Many moons ago I used to regularly attend a gym and I was healthier in all areas of my life because of it. It’s been … More Running (sort of!)