Denial (1)

Well this one got me going, but then I do seem to be having one of those weeks where I need to give joining the club for ‘Grumpy Old Women’ some serious consideration ūü§£ Don’t tell me I’m ‘un-Christian’ Because¬†I challenge¬†all your crap! Especially when your Mantra is “Sod ’em all, I’m¬†alright Jack.” You’d like … More Denial (1)

A Time to Pause

Today I found myself in a position where time to¬†pause, (and take several deep breathes!) was desperately needed. ¬†After ranting, mostly to myself, I was able to take that time by¬†focussing my attention to¬†the tasks of the day¬†ahead but, every time there was gap, I was straight¬†back to that place of… well, steaming… What got … More A Time to Pause

Unchained Memories

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”  Carl Jung Earlier today (well yesterday now!) I had an unexpected encounter with a stranger (at least I thought she was a stranger) who thought she recognised me.  I couldn’t place her but she asked a couple of questions and then she remembered where she … More Unchained Memories

Telling lies. Is it ever acceptable?

A little¬†lie, and very typical of teenagers to be fair, prompted the¬†random thoughts in¬†my head this morning. What was¬†the little lie? ¬†I¬†asked whether one of my children had washed properly this morning and the indignant answer I received was; “Yes! ¬†Of course I have!” ¬†Clearly the look on my face ¬†was enough because this was … More Telling lies. Is it ever acceptable?